Tin City in Naples, Florida: Everything You Need to Know — Naples Florida Travel Guide (2023)

Tin City in Naples, Florida is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Naples.

With unique shops, fabulous restaurants, and fantastic tours, there’s lots to do and a fun place to people watch, switch to vacation mode with a cold beer or cocktail and start enjoying!

If you’re hoping to head out on the water on a sightseeing or sunset boat tour, you’ll find several tour companies here.

You can also book a fishing charter, an eco tour, or a shelling and dolphin tour all from Tin City.

If you’d rather stay dry and do a little shopping, the unique small shops are welcoming and fun to browse.

And if you want a bite to eat, dine on a variety of menu items including delicious fresh seafood at one of the restaurants under the Tin City roof, or walk to any one of the nearby eateries that are close by Tin City.

Simply put, if you’re looking for the ultimate guide to Tin City Naples, look no further!

Where Is Tin City, Naples, Florida?

Tin City is located in downtown Naples, Florida, close to where the Tamiami Trail (Route 41) turns east and meets Naples Bay. Parking for Tin City is located south of Tamiami Trail in the nearby Tin City Park and Walk lot, or you can get lucky and score an on-street parking spot.

The complex is also walkable to 5th Avenue South, so if you have dinner reservations at one of the 5th Avenue restaurants, Tin City makes a fun pre-dinner experience.

Tin City Naples is located on Naples Bay, a salty waterfront dock setting that feels timeless and is guaranteed to ease you into vacation mode!

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Tin City in Naples, Florida

History of Tin City, Naples

Tin City, Naples, Florida has had quite the storied past.

While it is now a tourist attraction filled with fun shops and tasty restaurants, that’s certainly not how it began.

For hundreds of years, the Calusa Native American tribe used the area for fishing and shelling.

During that time, the land (and the water) remained relatively untouched.

Then, in the late 1860s, Roger Gordon and Joe Wiggins came to town.

These two men spent years traveling around Florida but decided that Naples — more specifically, what would become Tin City — should be their home.

Gordon and Wiggins put in the work to make their home beautiful, and travelers and rich investors began to take note of it.

In fact, it was these early investors that officially established the city of Naples in 1886 and funded the construction of the famous Naples Pier.

By 1920, Tin City became a popular tourist destination.

Many celebrities, including Gary Cooper, Greta Garbo, and Thomas Edison vacationed in this little Southwest Florida town.

And Tin City’s tourism wasn’t the only thing thriving.

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Its seafood and transportation businesses were booming as well with everything from clam shelling to boat building to oyster processing taking place under the town’s tin roofing.

Despite all of this innovation, Tin City only started to look like the attraction it is today in the 1970s.

Seven of the tin-roofed buildings were renovated and turned into a marvelous collection of shops and restaurants, which were initially called the Old Marine Marketplace.

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Best Things to Do in Tin City, Naples

Hop Aboard a Boat Tour

One of the coolest things to do in Tin City, Naples is take a boat tour. Pure Florida is a popular company that provides tons of different boat tours, so you can choose the one that works best for you and your family or group. Pick between a fishing charter, a jet boat ride, a dolphin tour, a sunset cruise, and more.

The iconic Naples Princess leaves several times a day for sightseeing cruises, dinner cruises and sunset cruises and it’s always fun to see the Captain back up in the narrow channel and do a 180 degree spin to head out into the bay.

While you can see this boat depart, their office and departure dock is located just a short walk across the bridge on the other side of the inlet.

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Take a Naples Segway Tour

If, for whatever reason, a boat tour isn’t your style, you can consider taking a Segway tour instead.

Tour Now USA offers fun Segway tours that start in Tin City and take you all around the city of Naples.

You’ll get to ride your way to cool sights, including Port Royal, Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm, and Naples Pier.

Watch the Fishermen

If you’re looking for one of the more interesting things to do in Tin City you can watch the fishermen when they return with their catch.

Fishermen have been an important part of Tin City for hundreds of years, and you can see these impactful men and women hard at work today.

Catch Happy Hour

Celebrate your vacation island-style with a Naples Happy Hour at several outdoor restaurants in and around Tin City.

You can even duck under the Tamiami Trail bridge (the walkway is where Pinchers restaurant sits at the water) and head to several fun cabana bars at Bayfront!

Best Shops in Tin City, Naples

Naples Soap Company

One of the coolest shops in Tin City is the Naples Soap Company.

This cute company makes a variety of bath products, including bath bombs, deodorant, and shampoo bars.

And while that’s already cool in and of itself, the Naples Soap Company also makes sure that all of their products are cruelty-free, non-GMO, and eco-friendly!

As if that weren’t enough to convince you to stop by, the Naples Soap Company has a whole line of bath products specifically for people with sensitive skin.

In other words, the Naples Soap Company has something for everyone to enjoy!

The Naples Winery

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After your visit to the Naples Soap Company, stop by the Naples Winery, a locally owned business with a unique twist.

While most wines are made of grapes, these wines made by a Tampa-based producer use fruit to create their delicious drinks.

The wines are naturally fermented from a wide variety of fruits with no artificial fruit flavorings added.

If you’re a little apprehensive about trying fruit-based wines (I was at first) but don’t let the neon labels send you running.

This is not your typical winery.

Frankly, if you identify more with Miles in Sideways than his misguided friend Jack, this may not be for you.

But put on your vacation hat and live a little — some of these wines are quite good and refreshing, and make very good mixers!

This local business is known for its many uniquely flavored, award-winning wines.

These wines are so delicious that they’ve won hundreds of awards!

You can sample the wines with a free wine tasting.

Start by telling them your favorite fruits and go from there.

There are are guava wines, grapefruit, mango, raspberry, and passion fruit wines, and their popular Tropical Sangria.

You can also try the fun slushes in a variety of tasty flavors — we recommend the Key Lime slush.

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The Naples Gallery

The Naples Gallery is another cool place to shop in Tin City.

This small store showcases dozens of the best local artists, including Walt Hyla, Sean Allen, and Christine Reichow.

These Southwest Florida-based artists work in a wide variety of mediums including photography, watercolors, and oil paints.

There are even a couple of artists that create their pieces using found objects, such as shells and sea glass.

During your visit to The Naples Gallery, you can peruse the artwork, and if you happen to find one that’ll fit perfectly in your home, you can buy it and admire it for years to come!

Scentchips & More

If you like the Naples Soap Company, you’ll also want to pop into Scentchips & More.

This small local business sells scentchips, which are sort of like little bits of fragranced candle wax.

These chips can be burned like a candle, or they can simply be placed in a room like potpourri.

The unique aspect of Scentchips & More is that you’ll be able to combine the scentchips into any mix that you’d like.

There’s even a recipe book of sorts, so you can create your favorite scent combination!

The Fig & Basil Olive Oil Company

If you’re looking for a food-focused souvenir,

The Fig & Basil Olive Oil Company is a great place to visit.

While there, you can purchase some of the best olive oils and balsamic vinegars in town.

You can even sample these products at the incredible sampling bar before you buy them!

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Then, every time you use these olive oils or balsamic vinegars at home, you’ll be reminded of your amazing visit to Tin City.

Best Restaurants in Tin City, Naples


If you’re looking for a traditional, sit-down restaurant with a salty vibe, Pinchers is a favorite.

It’s one of just two waterfront restaurants in Tin City, Naples.

It’s touristy to be sure, but it’s right on the water so you know the atmosphere is so much fun!

Take in the lovely views, watch the fishing boats come and go, and even see a party boat or two cruise by.

But it’s the amazing food at Pinchers’ that has allowed the company to open a dozen locations across Southwest Florida.

Start with the grouper nuggets, dig into the Maryland-style blue crabs, and finish off with Pinchers’ signature key lime pie!

Last but certainly not least, if you’re a spicy food lover, this Tin City restaurant has its own homemade hot sauce for you to enjoy.

But keep in mind that this habanero and scotch bonnet based sauce is fiery spicy, so don’t be too heavy-handed!

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Monkey Bread Factory

The Monkey Bread Factory is less of a restaurant and more of a snack stop.

And if you don’t know what monkey bread is, let’s start with what it isn’t: it is NOT made from monkeys!

But that said, it’s one of the best places for a quick bite in Tin City.

The Monkey Bread Factory is best known for their “monkey buntz” – or mini monkey bread bundt cakes.

These tiny, sweet treats come in loads of amazing flavors.

The most popular option is the CinnaMon“Key,” which is sort of like a cross between a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun.

But that’s not the only flavor offered at the Monkey Bread Factory.

Try the Chocolate Cookie Mon“Key,” the Mon“Key” Lime Pie, or the Maple Syrup & Bacon Mon“Key.”

To finish off your time at The Monkey Bread factory, you’ll want to make one more purchase: a cup of top-notch Italian Lavazza coffee.

It’s the perfect way to wash down all that sugary goodness!

Riverwalk at Tin City

Since there are only two waterfront restaurants in Tin City, we’d be remiss to forget the other one: the Riverwalk Tin City.

As a matter of fact, the Riverwalk at Tin City was one of the first businesses to open in the modern version of this shopping venue, as it got its start in 1974.

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Like Pinchers, the Riverwalk at Tin City offers breathtaking waterfront views.

And if you’re extremely lucky, a dolphin or two might swim by!

But it’s the food that makes Riverwalk at Tin City a noteworthy eatery.

Order the shellfish tower, the fish and chips, the fried oysters, or the Tin City fry.

No trip to the Riverwalk at Tin City would be complete without a tropical drink.

Opt for the key lime colada, the last mango, or Tito’s “Riverwalk” lemonade.

The Royal Scoop Ice Cream

The free samples may get you to stop for just a taste if you’re bound and determined to stick to your diet, but you’ll eventually cave like the rest of us — the ice cream at The Royal Scoop is really good ice cream!

And must we remind you again that you’re on vacation?

Even those of us who live here are on vacation when we come to Tin City.

We dare you to pass it up!

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Tin City in Naples, Florida is one of the best and most popular attractions in town!

Whether you visit to shop, eat, or play, there are so many fun things for you to do.

Make sure you add a visit to Tin City to your Naples vacation agenda.

Things to Do

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