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Two homemakers answering the daily question "What's for dinner?" as they talk about life and the journey of stepping out of the box and enjoying it to the last bite.

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Two homemakers answering the daily question "What's for dinner?" as they talk about life and the journey of stepping out of the box and enjoying it to the last bite.





Ep. 021 Leftovers 0011/3/2023

WE ARE BACK!On today's menu we are re-cooking some leftovers as we start a new series.After an extended Hiatus, Jen and Yvonne have gotten together once again to start the second season of Good to the Last Bite Podcast.Catch up with the ladies and what they've been up to over the past 6 months, as they talk about the insanity of their lives, what they've been eating and cooking, and also the beautiful letdowns they've both experienced over the past few months.Don't forget to check...


Ep. 020 Lamb Shawarma7/5/2022

Today on the menu; Lamb Shawarma. The ladies' dear friend Rachel joins them as they make one of her home's regular dinners. The ladies share about where they all met, they chat about stepping out of their comfort zone by adventuring solo to foreign lands, or foreign spices.Reminder that this is the Season Finale and they ladies will be taking a break for a few weeks. The hectic schedules both Jen and Yvonne have for the next few weeks has left it difficult for them to record, but they will...


Ep. 019 BLT Salad6/28/2022

Today on the menu; BLT Salad. The ladies talk about different types of bacon, Jen shares her unexpected encounter, and Yvonne talks about her new homesteading venture.BLT SaladIngredientsCooking Instructions


Ep. 018 Baked Salmon and Avocado Salad6/21/2022

Today on the Menu, the ladies cook up some Baked Salmon with Avocado Salad. The ladies discuss a tasty amount of cooking tips they have come across, from peeling avocados, to planting duck eggs, to baking banana peels, to searching for saltier salt.Baked Salmon and Avocado SaladServes 2IngredientsAvocado SaladCooking Instructions


Ep. 017 Shrimp Pesto Pasta6/14/2022

On the menu today, Yvonne's cooking up some Shrimp Pesto Pasta. The ladies share some laughs with a few jokes, share some risky business in cooking new foods, share about thing-a-ma-jigs or whats-you-call-its, as well as updates on Jen's commitments.Shrimp Pesto PastaIngredients- 2 Tbsp Olive oil- 1 diced onion- 1 diced garlic- 1 diced yellow pepper- 1 diced carrot- Cherry tomatoes (or other small tomato)- Handful of spinach (if desired)- Jar of pesto sauce- Box of...


Ep. 016 Chickpeas and Sweet Potato with Black Kale Cesar Salad6/7/2022

On the menu today we're serving up some Chickpea and Sweet Potato with Black Kale Cesar Salad. The ladies discuss how large pursuits can put other things on the back burner, surprising non-vegan ingredient, but also vegan alternatives to egg and mayo, as well as the wonder that is tabasco and what it can add to a dish.Chickpeas and Sweet Potato with Black Kale Cesar SaladIngredients-1 8 oz can of Chickpeas, shucked1 Sweet Potato diced into cubes-Garlic Powder-Paprika-Chili...


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Ep. 015 Barbie Cups5/31/2022

On Today's Menu, Yvonne is making her long standing recipe of Barbie Cups. Jen shares her new summer adventure at the same time sharing her clumsy past, the ladies talk about the health benefits of self grown food, as well as the balance between store bought and home grown food.Barbie CupsIngredients1lb(500 g) lean (at least 80%) ground beef1/2cup barbecue sauce2 cans (6 oz) refrigerated Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits (5 Count) or 2 cans (6 oz) refrigerated Flaky Layers...


Ep. 014 Fish Tacos with Pico De Gallo5/24/2022

Today on the Menu, Jen is cooking up Fish Tacos with her Pico De Gallo. The Ladies talk about the steps it takes to make tacos, the steps homesteading makes you take during the day, and the steps needed to ensure animals are where they are supposed to be or knowing they aren't where they are supposed to be when you can't find them.Fish Tacos with Pico De GalloIngredients:- 3 Filet of Tilapia- 1 Tbsp Butter- Juice of Half of Lime- Olive Oil- Salt and Pepper-Taco Assembly-...


Ep. 013 Chicken Florentine Puffs5/17/2022

On today's menu; Chicken Florentine Puffs. Jen shares about staying in her comfort zone, as well as her hunt for a precious comforting snack, and the ladies share the foods they gravitate toward on those inside the comfort zone type of days.Chicken Florentine PuffsIngredientsCooking Instructions*To re-heat frozen puffs: place on a baking sheet lined with parchment and bake at 400 degrees 15-18 minutes or till heated through.Find it online:...


Ep. 012 Asparagus Risotto5/10/2022

Today on the menu, Jen is cooking her Asparagus Risotto. The ladies talk about the surprise science in arborio rice, the surprise scent in unrefined shea butter and adventures in beauty product making, and the surprise ingredient Jen accidentally drops into the risotto.Asparagus RisottoIngredients:- 1/2-3/4 cup of Arborio Rice- 1 ½ cups of heated Broth (Chicken or Veggie)- ¼ cup of white wine (optional, if not suggested to add ¼ cup extra broth)- 2 tbsp butter- 1 small onion...


Ep. 011 Lemon Rosemary Tilapia5/3/2022

Today on the Menu; Yvonne is cooking up some Lemon Rosemary Tilapia with Couscous and Balsamic Brussel Sprouts. The ladies talk about fixing the "Jen Effect" in the sound quality, fixing everyone's spice shelf to make sure its up to date, fixing our meal plans for more moderation, and fixing the correct word from "chicken" to "fish". Ah The Jen Effect.Lemon Rosemary TilapiaIngredients:Couscous-Earthly Grains Couscous mix-1 ¼ c. waterRoasted Brussel Sprouts-3-4 Tbs Olive Oil-2...


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Ep. 010 Lasagna4/26/2022

On the menu today, Jen is assembling her lasagna. The ladies share their experiences eating Italian style lasagna, Yvonne speaks about her experiences venturing into the world of gardening, and a Canadian slip causes shock and laughter.LasagnaIngredients:Ragu- 4 cups Marinara- 1 lb(500g) of ground Beef(or preferred meat)Bechamel- 3 Tbsp Butter- 3 Tbsp Flour- 3 cups Milk- 1 tsp of Salt- Pepper to tasteAlso Needed-Italian Style Lasagna Noodles - the pre cooked ones...


Ep. 009 Grandma Kate's Chicken and Dumplings4/19/2022

On the menu today, Yvonne shares her Grandma Kate's Chicken and Dumplings. The ladies talk about finding balance in life, balance in the ratio of Chicken to Dumplings, and the balance of canned chicken to homemade bone broth.Grandma Kate's Chicken and DumplingsIngredients:-1 chicken 4-5 lbs-2 c. flour-1 tsp baking powder-1 tsp salt-1 heaping tbsp shortening-¾ c cool brothCooking Instructions


Ep. 008 Marinara4/12/2022

Today on the Menu, Marinara, a staple in Jen's kitchen. The ladies continue to remind themselves about having adventures that fall between amazing and terrifying.Jen talks about the MULTI-purpose of her marinara, Yvonne shares about the MULTI-risky attractions at the City Museum in St. Louis, and the ladies talk about the MULTIple ingredients that can be added to add variety to marinara.MarinaraIngredients:- 1 tbsp Olive Oil- 2 cloves of garlic- 1 small yellow or white onion- 1...


Ep. 007 InstaPot Whole Chicken4/5/2022

On the Menu this week, Yvonne delves into the world of InstaPot by cooking a whole roasted chicken. The ladies discuss the value of adding seasoning and salt to each dish, the value of a rice cooker(at least in their eyes) and the value of learning more about sound quality.InstaPot Whole ChickenIngredients:-3 garlic cloves-1 whole carrot-1 onion-½ lemon-1 tbsp Truffle oil or a flavored oil-2 tbsp Olive Oil-3 tbsp Herbs de Provence, more as needed- Salt and Pepper to...


Ep. 006 Tomato Bisque3/29/2022

Quick Note: Once again sorry about the poor quality. We think we have figured out the issue so next week should be much better, so please stick with us.On the menu this week; Jen's simple but delicious Tomato Bisque. Yvonne and Jen discuss the joy of aromatics when cooking and how simple ingredients can bring the biggest flavor, Jen takes a shot a digital payments and Yvonne takes a shot at Axe Throwing.Tomato BisqueIngredients:- 1 Large Carrot- 2 Celery Stalks- 1 medium sized...


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Ep. 005 Hash Brown Casserole with Sausage3/22/2022

Quick Note: We're sorry about some of the quality of our recording this week, the internet is a tricky place to record sometimes. We're still working to tweak and learn about how to do this all.On the menu this week, Yvonne provides a classic breakfast for dinner with a recipe from her Grandmother's church cookbook of Hash Brown Casserole with Sausage. Jen and Yvonne discuss how they met, the precious memories of food at the Osan Hospitality House, cooking together for their friends while...


Ep. 004 Greek Salad3/15/2022

On the menu this week Jen dices up her Greek Salad with a Cypriot twist.Yvonne and Jen chat about trying new foods because of the Cypriot and Greek influence, Jen's salty first impression, and the key of adding dried mint to enhance so many meals.Greek SaladIngredients:- 1 English cucumber- 2 Vine Tomatoes- 1 Red Bell Pepper- ⅓ reg size red onion (depends on personal ratio preference)- Block Feta Cheese- Italian Salad Dressing- 2 tsp Oregano- 2 tsp Dried Mint- Salt...


Ep. 003 Chicken Pot Pie3/8/2022

This week on the menu Yvonne makes Chicken Pot Pie.Jen and Yvonne chat about starting to be more self sustaining, as Yvonne ventures into using sourdough starter to make her pie crust, the temptation of Jeju orange Chocolate, and adventures in homesteading.Chicken Pot PieIngredients:-2 Freezer Pie doughs (one for shell and one to cover the pie)-2 cans cream of chicken soup-2 cups frozen mixed vegetables-4 cups cooked chicken-½ tsp thyme-Salt and pepper to tasteCooking...


Ep. 002 Beef Ramen3/1/2022

Jen and Yvonne are back cooking up a storm.This week on the menu, one of Jen's household's most requested dishes; Beef Ramen.Yvonne and Jen discuss the flood of responses to the podcast going live, the dangers of being flooded with Chili aroma when cooking, and the flood in Yvonne's basement.Beef RamenIngredients:- 1 lb Stewing Beef- 1 tsp Oil- 8 cups Beef Broth- 2-3 cloves Garlic- 2-3 inches of Ginger- 2-3 Thai Chilies- 1 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar- 1 tbsp Soy Sauce-...


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