FIFA 23: How to Earn Coins Fast in FUT (2023)

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, earning Coins can be tricky, especially if you begin the game with a newly formed squad. Building a squad requires a lot of patience, and you won’t always get the desired players by opening Packs. Packs offer random players with a certain overall rating, and you often won’t get the personnel needed for a specific position. This is where the Transfer Market becomes useful, as you can find the players your team needs and purchase them using FUT Coins.

FUT Coins are the only currency used to purchase new players from the Transfer Market. While you can acquire various Packs in Ultimate Team withFUTCoins and FIFA Points, Transfer Market purchases are exclusive. FIFA Points need to be purchased with real money, whereas you can acquire FUT Coins for free by completing various activities in Ultimate Team. Free-to-play players looking to stack up on FUT Coins can follow a few methods regularly to gain more.

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Here are some methods to get more FUT Coins in FIFA 23.

Best ways to get more FUT Coins in FIFA 23

Squad Battles

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Squad Battles is one of the game modes in Ultimate Team where players can earn a ton of FUT Coins. In Squad Battles, players are rewarded with FUT Coins for winning and losing a match. You can participate in Squad Battles when Team of the Week releases. This allows players to compete against the TOTW to earn coins. As for Squad Battles, players can set difficulty levels. Each difficulty level has a specific point and coin reward, and the higher difficulty fetches more rewards. Similarly, various active Coin Bonuses apply during these matchups.

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Don’t buy Gold or Promo Packs

Gold Packs cost a lot in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. You are effectively paying 7,500 FUT Coins or 150 FIFA Points to buy a Gold Pack, which only rewards players with a few rare items. It is not worth buying Gold Packs if you want to make FUT Coins fast. Similarly, Promo Packs are way too costly, starting from 25,000 FUT Coins. You can easily get a high 85+ rated player by investing the same amount in the Transfer Market. Knowing how to save FUT Coins and using them effectively for good deals on the Transfer Market defines your overall journey in Ultimate Team.

Bronze and Silver Pack Selling

Instead of Gold or Promo Packs, we recommend players buy Bronze and Silver Packs. This is much cheaper than the previous option, and you can easily sell the players on Transfer Market. This process allows players to make a lot of profit, especially if you’re looking to make FUT Coins quickly. You’ll often find a good player from the Bronze and Silver Packs. Check and compare their prices on the Transfer Market before listing them with a Buy Now price. The Premium Bronze Pack costs around 750 FUT Coins, and you can purchase them to make a profit by selling players. Another aspect to remember is that Bronze and Silver cards may sell for cheap, but you can sell a ton of them quickly, unlike Gold cards.

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Complete Objectives

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Completing various Objectives and Milestones allow players to get FUT Coins quickly. Not every Objective will have coin rewards, but you’ll find many of them. Complete these Objectives quickly to get a head start on saving FUT Coins. Likewise, the Transfer Market Mastery section in Milestones rewards players with a lot of coins for completing certain challenges. You can buy 50 players from the Transfer Market to earn 1,500 FUT Coins. Similarly, there are FUT Coin rewards for listing and selling your players as well.

Complete SBCs and Squad Building Foundations

Completing SBCs may often require you to spend some coins to buy certain players. Several SBCs will have certain conditions, and you can buy player cards that act as solutions for these conditions. For example, if you need at least one 84 rated player in your SBC solution, buy Luis Suarez from the Transfer Market for around 1,800 FUT Coins. Suarez is one of the cheapest 84 rated players available, making him an economical solution forSBCs. Squad Building Foundations are found under Milestone objectives, which have challenges that reward players with a hefty amount of Coins. You can complete simple challenges like Apply A Chemistry Style Item, Play 5 Squad Battles, Build 18 Chemistry, and more to get a good amount of FUT Coins.

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Sell Players

Selling Players on the Transfer Market is another efficient technique to earn FUT Coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. While you can Quick Sell players, we recommend doing it manually by listing each player individually. Reviewing the Transfer Market prices for a player gives you a good idea of what price to set for the player. Remember, the goal is to make coins fast, so you’ll need to let go of players that are not essential for your squad. Quick Selling items does not allow you to set the price for a player.


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