Bali Visa for Nepal Citizens - Nepalese Passport | Indonesia (2023)

Enter into Indonesia / Bali with Nepal Passport

Nepalese can apply for a B211 A Visit Visa and travel to Indonesia for tourism or business purpose. Note: In rare cases it can happen that an application could be denied, in which case a refund is not possible. In very very rare cases, entry into Indonesia could happen, even after a visa is issued. By law, immigration department has the right to refuse any traveller entering Indonesia.

Visa Application for Nepal Citizens

FAQ B211A Visit Visa for Bali / Indonesia

Under which circumstances would I need a B211A e-Visa and who can apply?

You need a B211A Visit Visa if

  • your country is NOT on the

  • you travel with "business purpose" - Business or Investment visit (meetings, product sourcing, conference).

  • you need to stay longer than 60 days, because only B211A Visas can be extended or can be followed by onshore visas

The B211A Visa which we facilitate requires a company or travel agency to "sponsor" the visa. This is included in our service. You don't need to present a bank statement letter.

Who can apply for a Visa B211A?

Travellers from almost all countries can apply for a visit e-visa.

But, due to pre-existing travel restrictions nationals from following countries CAN NOT apply for visit e-visas for Indonesia, but have to contact directly their embassy,

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Guinea
  3. Israel
  4. Kamerun
  5. Liberia
  6. Nigeria
  7. North Korea
  8. Somalia

Some travellers from Iraq and Iran also have difficulties to get the visa approved.

(Video) Bali Visit From Nepal ll Step by step process.

How long is the B211A Visa valid and can it be extended?

Offshore Visa

  • The B211A offshore Visa is valid for 60 days
  • Can be extended twice, each time 60 days, gives you a total of 180 days.

Onshore Visa (applying while in Indonesia)

  • The onshore B211A Visa is valid for 60 days. Can be extended twice, for 60 days each. Online application.

Travellers who extend the Visa need to appear in person at the immigration office to take photo and fingerprints.

It is very likely that the immigration department will make a 180 days B211A Visa available (one time purchase), but when, and what would be the price is not yet confirmed.

Passport or Residency?

The immigration regulations are always based on the passport that you are holding. Residency permits of other countries are not considered.

IMPORTANT: How long does it take to get the visa? How can I apply?

It is important to know how long it takes to process your visa from the day you apply until you receive it per email. The duration also depends greatly on how long it takes to receive your completed documents and the payment.

You can choose between 2 services:

  • STANDARD - 14 working days to process after payment is received (see sample calculation below)
  • EXPRESS - 7 working days to process after payment is received

Working days (business days MO-FR) are excluding weekends and public holidays. Applications can only be submitted by us from MO-FR

The visa application is submitted by us to the immigration office AFTER we have validated your documents and data, and after we have received the payment.


  • 2nd Tuesday: We receive the Application
  • 3rd Wednesday: Validation and Invoice 1 working day
  • 6th Saturday: Payment arrived (1-7 working days depending on the payment method of your choice)
  • 8th Monday: Submission to Immigration, process starts (
  • 26th Friday: Visa is issued and sent to you

Total days: 25 days!

Fill up the online application form online

STEP 2: VALIDATION & INVOICE - usually within 1 working day
We validate your documents and issue the invoice usually within 1 working day (MO-FR). Sometimes the document scans are not good enough or some data is not correct, or we find inconsistencies in the application, then we will get back to you and ask for new scans or updates etc - this can cause delays.

STEP 3: PAYMENT (1-3 days / or more!)
Depending on the payment method you choose, this usually takes 1-3 days. If, you choose however to transfer from abroad to our local bank account (international transfer) this process can sometimes take a week or longer, depending on the facilitating banks.

We will submit the application and start the process after we have received the payment. From this moment onwards the Visa Process at the immigration takes 7-14 working days, depending on the service you choose

What is an Offshore or Onshore Visa?

Offshore means, you are applying for a visa while you are still OUTSIDE of Indonesia. Online Application

Onshore means, you are applying for a Visa while you are already INSIDE of Indonesia.

Can I leave the country and come back with a B211 Visa?

No. This Visa is a "Single Entry Visa"

Can I travel to other areas with this Visa within Indonesia?

YES. A visa is always valid for a country and not just a region or specific island. Therefore any type of Visa (Visa on Arrival or B211A) is valid for Indonesia.

(Video) Free visa for nepali passport - नेपालीको लागी भिषा नचाहिने देश र Visa On arrival मिल्ने देशहरु

What is the B211A Tourism or Business purpose and what am I allowed to do with it?

There are two TYPES of B211A Visit Visas:


By default we are facilitating the Tourism Purpose Visit Visa.

It can be used for Tourism, Humanitarian activities, Volunteering, Family reunion, Business/ Investment Visit (not as a working permit nor for employment).


We can also facilitate for you the Business Type Visa if you need it. There is no difference for in the application process. The technical difference is that to facilitate the visa we will use a business company as a sponsor.

The Business Type Visa is for the purpose of

  • Visit
  • Emergency and urgent work
  • Business meeting, sourcing, business research, attending trainings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions
  • Purchasing goods
  • Film production
  • Voluntary, medical, and sustenance work (humanitarian activities)
  • Government duty
  • Accompanying transport tool in the region of Indonesia
  • Development of marine industry (yachters)
  • Government duty in accordance with Indonesian Presidential related meetings in G20 or International Assembly of 144th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Even though the visa is technically called a business visa, it’s NOT A WORK PERMIT and does not entitle you to take up any paid job or employment in Indonesia.

You can however have business meetings, do networking, explore investment opportunities, sourcing products...and of course, chill at the pool or beach.

What documents do I need to apply for the visa?

Beside your personal contact details, these are the documents that currently need to be provided for the online e-visa application:

Passport Scans: See Sample Scans here

  • scan of your passport cover (yes, full cover!)
  • scan of your main passport page (the one with the photo, while the passport is opened, full scan)
  • in case on this main page the signature is not shown, you need to provide an additional scan of the page with the signature on it

Other Documents & Information

  • Full vaccination certificates - In English
  • Digital Colour Portrait Photo in 4x6 dimension

MAKE SURE YOUR PASSPORT IS VALID AT LEAST 8 MONTHS from the day of entry to Indonesia, better 12 months in case you wish to extend!

I applied, but suddenly I don't need the Visa anymore. Can I get my money back?

It can happen, that suddenly regulations change or other reasons that make your B211A technically obsolete for you.

Once we have started the process with the immigration and submitted your documents, it cannot be cancelled and no refund can be granted.

If you have applied and we have not yet submitted the application to the immigration office, you can ask for a refund. We will keep a 15% administration fee. Depending on your payment method it can take between 2 and 10 business days until the money is back in your account.

If your Visa has been issued, but you don't need it anymore because you can get a Visa on Arrival, it will be valid and you can still use it to enter Indonesia and stay 60 days without extension. You can use it, and don't need to pay for the Visa on Arrival.

What do I pay for, why is it more expensive than the basic visa fee?

We facilitate the visa application and apply on your behalf and use additionally the service of an accredited visa agent.

  • We and our partner's team work roughly 15-20h for each application to ensure that everything is in proper order, data is pre-validated, payments are handled properly, we handle submissions and communication with the immigration department if necessary.
  • We pay salaries, taxes and comply with all laws and regulations of Indonesia, which is important to us.
  • Our customer support is available and answers any questions travellers have (and there are many) before, during and after the application process. The devil is in the detail these days.
  • We are ensuring that applications are processed properly, and get in touch with the immigration officers, if there are further clarifications needed or there are any delays.
  • For the current visa type that's available (B211A), the visa agent needs to also provide a sponsor letter which is included in our service.
  • We provide several international bank accounts, allowing a majority of our clients to save 35-50USD on international banking fees.

Do I need your service?

Technically, any traveler can apply for a visa on the website of the immigration department, if they can provide a sponsor letter from a Travel Agency in Indonesia or a local company. The website is You would need to upload the proper and complete documentations in the correct format and without any errors. The total costs for doing it yourself will be IDR 1,500,000 + banking fees depending on the payment method (IDR 2,000,000 for business type visa).

(Video) VISA ON ARRIVAL|Free visa for Nepali passport - नेपालीको लागी भिषा नचाहिने देशहरु|BySajjanRajPokhrel

How do I pay after I applied?

To save you costs on international banking fees and currency exchange, we have local bank account numbers in the EU, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore (in cooperation with Wise Ltd).

If you have a bank account in these countries, you can transfer in the local currencies via YOUR local bank account.

  • Australia in AUD
  • EU in EUR (convenient SEPA transfer). Also works for Norway, Switzerland, Monaco)
  • New Zealand in NZD
  • Singapore in SGD
  • UK in GBP
  • USA in USD

You can also wire the money directly to our local bank in Indonesia in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) by making an international transfer. This can sometimes take up to a week, or longer. Please make sure that we receive then the full amount in IDR and also the subject on the transfer is clearly stating your name in the subject line, so we can track the payment.

I received the Visa. How much time do I have to enter into the country

From the day the Visa is issued, you have 90 days to enter into Indonesia. If you arrive later, the Visa won't be valid anymore.

Will Indonesia add more countries to the Visa on Arrival list?

To be honest, we don't know. At this point we have not heard of any plans to do so. This does not mean, that the Indonesian government is not planning to add more countries. But for now, we cannot predict when and which countries would be added. We understand that the Visa costs are substantial. Bali, more than any other region in Indonesia hopes, that all restrictions will be lifted soon, and we can all freely travel again.

What else do I need to know beforehand? What are my risks, and your terms and conditions?

Rules and regulations can change quite quickly during these uncertain times, which is something that is beyond our control.

There are some risks that we want you to be aware of, before applying for a visa and planning your trip to Bali, .

1.) The government could technically change the regulations any day, and deny the arrival of any applicant coming to Indonesia. This means for example, that even if you have already received your e-visa and bought a flight ticket, and you might not to able to travel to Indonesia as planned and have to reschedule, you can not ask for a refund.

2.) Also, the immigration can deny your application, without giving any reasons or feedback to us our our facilitating visa agent. This happens very very rarely but it can happen and the immigration office has the right to do so.

3.) These days the immigration is quite efficient and stays within the time limit to issue the visa (14 working days for standard and 7 working days for express, after the visa application has been submitted - starting after we have validated your documents and the payment is received). However, sometimes delays can still occur, which can be due to changes in regulations, longer holidays or problems with the immigration software, or other reasons that are beyond our control.

4.) We cannot be held responsible for any delays or if the visa gets denied, or gets issued wrongly caused by regulation changes or the performance of any third party, such as but not limited to visa agents, immigration officials, government software failures.

Why are the regulations changing so often?

The government is in the process of adjusting to the post-covid situation.

We understand that changed regulations can affect travel plans previously made or anticipated, which can be frustrating.

It is beyond our control what and when the Indonesian government will change and when.

(Video) Visa Free Countries Nepali Passport Holder 2020-21 Latest Update Everyone Nepali Passport Holder.

Some regulations will now become more restrictive, some new visas will be made available, some regulations will be eased, prices will change.

As we have mentioned on our website, travelling still comes with some uncertainty, and requires flexibility. What might have been possible a month ago, might not be possible today. In general one can say, that it's going to get easier.

Unfortunately regulations are often announced ad-hoc and without notice and are sometimes vague. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date.


All what you need to arrange and know before travelling to Bali and Indonesia. No more mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers.

FAQ (Travel)


Visa on Arrival for 60 nationalities. Valid for 30 days, can be extended once.

FAQ (Visa on Arrival)


If you CANNOT get a Visa on Arrival you need to apply for a B211A Visa. Tourism and Business Purpose available.

FAQ (Visa)


Bali Visa for Nepal Citizens - Nepalese Passport | Indonesia? ›

At the movement, there is no arrival visa to Bali and Indonesia for Nepali Travelers and Visitors. Until the further notice the arrival visa is suspended for Nepalese citizens. The short term visa valid for a month single entry only.

Do Nepalese passport need visa for Bali? ›

Enter into Indonesia / Bali with Nepal Passport

Nepalese can apply for a B211 A Visit Visa and travel to Indonesia for tourism or business purpose.

Do I need a visa for Bali 2022? ›

Bali Travel Requirements 2022

Visa on arrival services in Bali restarted on March 22, 2022. Passengers from 42 nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival in Bali, which is valid for 30 days and can be extended once. After 60 days, the traveller must leave the country. This service is only available in Bali.

How many countries have on arrival visa for Nepali passport? ›

As of 2 July 2019, Nepali citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 38 countries and territories, ranking the Nepali Passport 102nd in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.

Can Nepalese go to Indonesia without visa? ›

Indonesia tourist visa is free for Nepalese citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 1 month and visa expires in 30 days. Applicant is not required to be present when applying for Indonesia tourist visa. A total of 4 documents are required for applying Indonesia tourist visa.

Do Nepali need visa for Thailand? ›

Thailand tourist visa is required for Nepalese citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 90 days and visa expires in 90 days. Applicant is not required to be present when applying for Thailand tourist visa.

In which country Nepalese are not allowed? ›

Nepali migrants banned from working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria | Reuters.

How much powerful is Nepal passport? ›

Passport of Nepal | Rank = 78 | Passport Index 2022 | How powerful is yours?

Is Nepali passport powerful? ›

The Nepali passport is getting weaker, shows a global index. According to the latest report of the Henley Passport Index, Nepal's passport ranks 106th or seventh from the bottom. The ranking is based on the number of countries that allow a particular passport holder to enter on the on-arrival visa.

How much does Bali visa cost? ›

How much does a Bali visa cost? The 30-day visa free option in Bali is free. If you plan on staying in Bali for longer than 30 days, you must apply for a visa from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. before you travel or pay immigration $35US* upon arrival.

Which countries can enter Bali without visa? ›

Following nationalities DO NOT NEED A VISA (VISA-FREE entry )

Is Bali expensive to visit? ›

Bali is Indonesia's most expensive tourist destination and one of the most expensive places to travel in Southeast Asia. What is this? There is almost no public transportation, and supermarket prices aren't dissimilar to what you'd find at home. But Bali is as expensive as you make it.

Why is Nepal passport so weak? ›

Nepal's passport is among the weakest in the world—weaker than North Korea's. The dismal state of the Nepali passport can largely be attributed to Nepalis hiding out illegally in foreign countries while on temporary visas, say officials.

Do Nepali citizens need visa for Maldives? ›

Maldives visa on arrival conditions for Nepalese citizens

Tourist visa is granted for all nationalities, on arrival to Maldives. This means, no prior visa is required to arrive to Maldives as a Tourist. The maximum number of days granted on arrival would be 30 days unless agreed by any bilateral means or Treaty.

Which is the strongest passport in the world? ›

Japan has the world's most powerful passport - providing hassle-free entry to 193 countries. Just one country short, Singapore and South Korea are tied in second place, according to the latest Henley Passport Index from Henley & Partners, an immigration consultancy.

Does Nepali passport need visa for Malaysia? ›

In order to travel to Malaysia, citizens of Nepal require a Malaysia eVisa, which can be easily applied for online. In January 2016, the Malaysian Immigration Authority introduced the eVisa process for tourism purposes.

Do I need a visa to enter Bali? ›

Bali, Indonesia, is free to enter without a visa, you will only get a date stamp in your passport on your arrival day. Stay up to a maximum of 30 days but note that you will not be able to extend your stay with this free tourist visa. Extending is only possible with a Visa on Arrival (read below).

How much does it cost to visit Indonesia from Nepal? ›

The cheapest way to get from Nepal to Indonesia is to fly which costs $290 - $450 and takes 8h 13m. What is the fastest way to get from Nepal to Indonesia? The quickest way to get from Nepal to Indonesia is to fly which costs $290 - $450 and takes 8h 13m.

Do Nepalese need visa for Vietnam? ›

Yes. A visa is REQUIRED for all Nepalese citizens traveling to Vietnam for any purpose (tourism or business), staying in Vietnam in any duration (a few days or a few months).

Do Nepalese need visa for South Korea? ›

South Korea tourist visa is required for Nepalese citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 90 days and visa expires in 90 days. Applicant is required to be present when applying for South Korea tourist visa.

How can I get Vietnam visa from Nepal? ›

You apply Vietnam visa online via website:, obtain the approval letter to pick up Visa at the airports in Vietnam. Nepal nationality is categorized in difficult nationality group, with higher visa approval letter fee, passport copy and return flight tickets requirements.

Does Nepali passport need visa for Dubai? ›

UAE tourist visa is required for Nepalese citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 30 days and visa expires in 90 days. Applicant is required to be present when applying for UAE tourist visa. A total of 4 documents are required for applying UAE tourist visa.

How much cash can I carry from Nepal to USA? ›

You will have to declare any amount exceeding US$5,000 in bank notes, or US$10,000 in notes and travellers' cheques combined on your Customs Declaration when you arrive in the country.

Which country needs no visa? ›

List of Countries where Visa is not Required for Indian Citizens
Saint Kitts and NevisGrenada (for up to 90 days)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (for up to 30 days)Montserrat (for up to 180 days)
Turks and Caicos (for up to 90 days)El Salvador
6 more rows

Who gets red passport in Nepal? ›

Diplomatic e-passports have a crimson-red cover, official e-passports navy-blue, and peacekeepers' e-passports are tiger-orange colour.

What is red passport? ›

In India, the diplomatic passport is issued to individuals who have a diplomatic status in the country or who are travelling abroad on official duty for the Government of India. The diplomatic passport has a different cover which is deep red in color.

Do Nepali need visa for Singapore? ›

Nepalese do not need a visa to visit Singapore. The only document you need is a passport with at least months validity. for citizens of Nepal for a stay up to 30 days.

How do I get a red passport? ›

To obtain an official passport or a red passport, an individual must complete form DS-11 or DS-82, provided by the State Department. A birth certificate or an old passport, along with two standard passport photos are also necessary, as well as a memo that authorizes the applicant to hold a red passport.

Do Nepalese need visa for UK? ›

UK tourist visa is required for Nepalese citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 180 days and visa expires in 180 days. Applicant is required to be present when applying for UK tourist visa. A total of 11 documents are required for applying UK tourist visa.

Which country has brown passport? ›

Maroon, or a deep reddish color, is the color of the passport for many countries that are members of the European Union. Switzerland is the exception to this rule.

How much does Bali visa cost 2022? ›

The cost of an Indonesian & Bali Visa on Arrival is IDR 500,000 or USD $ 34,81.

How many days are enough for Bali? ›

To really enjoy your holiday in Bali you would need to spend at least 6-10 days as 3-4 days is more like business trip can't do much.

Is India cheaper than Bali? ›

India is 40.0% cheaper than Bali.

Can Nepalese go to Bali? ›

All the Nepali Citizen will get upon arrival visa for Bali and Indonesia. The short term visa valid for a month single entry only. Required travel document /passport, 2 copy of passportsize color photograph and tour package itinerary with hotle booking conformation.

Do Nepalese need visa for Maldives? ›

Maldives visa on arrival conditions for Nepalese citizens

Tourist visa is granted for all nationalities, on arrival to Maldives. This means, no prior visa is required to arrive to Maldives as a Tourist. The maximum number of days granted on arrival would be 30 days unless agreed by any bilateral means or Treaty.

Do Nepalese need visa for Fiji? ›

Fiji tourist visa is required for Nepalese citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 90 days and visa expires in 90 days. Applicant is not required to be present when applying for Fiji tourist visa. A total of 10 documents are required for applying Fiji tourist visa.

How strong is Nepali passport? ›

Nepal ranks 89th in the list of most powerful passports. A Nepali passport holder can travel to 39 countries in the world without a prior VISA. There is no VISA requirement for 12 countries while 25 countries provide an On-Arrival-VISA for Nepali passport holders.


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